Specializing in flatbed, triaxle, and stepdeck freight
in the lower 48 States, Alaska and Canada

About Us

Our expertise in the flatbed and step deck environment allows us to haul nearly anything. Holmer Trucking's team of seasoned drivers has navigated the lower 48, Canadian, and Alaskan roads with an amazing variety of freight. Just a few of our loads to or from Alaska include: Snowmobiles and ATV's, military project supplies, general commodities, industrial parts, steel, pipeline supplies, heavy equipment, and industrial supplies.

Whether your load requires tarping or can be exposed to the elements Holmer trucking is dedicated to transporting your freight in perfect condition with minimal hassle on your end. Partials are accepted.

General Info

Holmer Trucking was founded in 1969 by Jerry Holmer. Today Holmer Trucking provides flatbed and step deck transportation services to the lower 48, Canada and Alaska.

Our diligent office staff and drivers specialize in making Canadian and Alaskan freight projects smooth and surprise free. In addition to mastering the Alcan Highway, Holmer Trucking has also mastered the procedures of transporting freight over the border. Through a single point of contact our representatives will manage each shipment from the first phone call until the load is delivered.

Rest easy and let Holmer Trucking deliver the goods.